Vickery Growers - Eden Valley - Barossa

The Eden Valley region is located north-east of the city of Adelaide and just east of the Barossa Valley, with which it comprises the overall 'Barossa Zone'.

Overall growing season temperatures are significantly lower than those of the neighbouring Barossa Valley, and the final stages of ripening and harvesting take place in much cooler conditions.  

The GI region is 591 kmin size and has a total of 2169 hectares of vineyards. The main varieties grown in the region are Riesling, Shiraz, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon

The Eden Valley sits at a significantly higher altitude (217-630m above sea level) than the Barossa Valley, and this provides for growing season temperatures that are lower than those of the neighbouring region, with the final stages of ripening and harvesting taking place in significantly cooler conditions.

Allowing for slower ripening, cool climate flavour development and a greater retention of acidity, the attributes of Eden Valley make it one of the best growing regions in Australia for the Riesling grape.

"Rieslings from Eden Valley display minerality and vibrant florals, with musky notes thanks to the altitude, varied microclimates and soil structures (black sand, grey loam and coarse rock) within this unique region." - Keeda Zilm, Vickery Chief Winemaker

Eden Valley Growers

We are privileged today to source fruit from some of the same growers John worked with in his early career.

The growers are central to the preservation of John’s legacy and the evolution of Vickery wines. So much so, we acknowledge them on the front label, along with the great man himself.

Mason - Woodcarvers Vineyard - 2001 plantings

Zander - Quarry Block - 1977 plantings 

Stephens - Wyncroft Vineyard - 1971 plantings