Founded to celebrate the iconic wines of the great John Vickery

Vickery Riesling produces wines that speak of place and purpose, helmed by accomplished winemaker Keeda Zilm. By focusing solely on Riesling, these wines showcase John’s unparalleled experience and Keeda’s mastery of the noblest of white wine varieties.

At the heart of Vickery Riesling lies a deep appreciation for our strong growing community in Watervale and Eden Valley. This community, consisting of friends and long-time contemporaries of John, plays an indispensable role year after year. Their unwavering commitment to quality in the vineyard ensures the production of consistently high-quality wines that not only reflect John’s legacy but also contribute to the ongoing story of Vickery Riesling.

The Vickery label is in effect, a time capsule for John's wealth of winemaking knowledge. It allows his experience and winemaking techniques to be used without compromise and then passed on to current and future generations of Riesling winemakers.

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